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A Foot Massage Inside Your Shoes!

Designed to reduce recovery time, relieve muscle and joint pain by stimulating pressure points through the over 7,000 nerve-endings in the bottom of your feet!

These are the ORIGINAL Massage Insoles made by KIWI Brands (Australia).

Put a pair in your shoes, slippers, in the shower/tub, I even like putting them in my foot spa!

About Mama’s Therapeutic InSoles!

These InSoles:

•Stimulate Nerve Endings

•Massage Muscles

•Adds Arch Support

•Enhances Blood Circulation

•Increases Air Flow in Show•Fits in Any Pair of Shoes

•Have Soft, Shock Absorbing Nubs


•Machine Washable

•Specially Formulated Deodorizer

•Fresh Anti-Fungi Scent

FREE SHIPPING within the United States!

•1 pair $ 9.95

•2 pairs $ 17.50

•3 pairs $ 24.75

•4 pairs $ 31.00

•5 pairs $ 36.25

•6 pairs $ 40.50

•7 pairs $ 43.75

•8 pairs $ 46.00

•9 pairs $ 47.25

•10 pairs $ 47.50


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